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Lada Details

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Lada Details
« on: January 08, 2014, 09:25:17 am »
I have had a chat to Charles and we came up with the idea of creating a thread to keep track of the Lada's we all own and enjoy, maybe also keeping track of unknown Lada's that we see while out and about on the roads, so please feel free to add your details to the table below.

There may be difficulties in editing this thread to add your details as it does require some knowledge of the structure of HTML, so if you are not comfortable doing that please post your details below and I will add them.  If you need to edit a vehicle, just mention which vehicle ID needs to be edited and post the applicable details.

[table width = 95%][tbody]
IDOwners User  NameLocationRegistrationTypeVehicle NameColourPrevious RegistrationsNotes
1ihar and HeraRoodepoort, GP, RSALHX202GPNiva Sidekick 1.7SharkieBlack, silver trimBZT161LTemporarily RWD
2jacoPretoria, GP, RSADLL564MPNiva 1.7iWhiteyWhiteNone known
3ladanivabelgiumKessel, BelgiumVWR-410Niva 1.9TDdieseltjegreenNone known
Pretoria, GP, RSA FWC 554 EC Niva 1.7VerushkaRed, large  tyresXCC316T, CDH085GP
5SpikesNelspruit, MP, RSADXM245MPNiva 1.7iBongolWhite1
6UnknownJeffreys Bay, EC, RSAFRW674ECNiva 1.7MeerkatBlue7
7UnknownUnknownDVK372GPNiva 1.7RPG7Blue-greenNone knownPreviously owned by Darryn who emigrated to New Zealand in March 2014
8Gavin SmithUKN720WJLNiva 1.7iMini MonsterWhiteNone known
9Hercules ZondaghBenoni, GP, RSASJT 810 GPNiva Sidekick 1.7ModdervarkieGreen2
10UnknownDelmas, Gauteng, RSAND622360Niva 1.7KatyaPurpleCVP526MP, ND270968Sold on 07 December 2014
11Keith B. AtkinsJohannesburg, GP, RSAMSZ665GPNiva 1.7CeratothWhiteNone known
12UnknownWestern Cape, RSANX32286Niva 1.7Toadie / Ronsters MonsterGreenNone known
13RegGermiston, GT, RSANX23489Niva 1.7RustiChanging from WhiteNone known
14Vincent CorreiaPennington, KZN, RSANCW3191Niva 1.6None yetWhiteNone known
15MariusVentersdorp, NW, RSAHMZ299NWNiva 1.7None yetWhite1
16RiaanAmanzimtoti, KZN, RSAND32198Niva 1.7 SidekickOlgaBlue with silver trimmings3 as far as I know2.2L 4Y Motor and still 4x4
17ChristoPotchefstroom, NW, RSAHKF687NWNiva 1.7iNot yetGreenWTM489GP DFT171FS
18MichaelvKrugersdorp, GP, RSANSK940GPNiva 1.7iOld GreenGreenNone
19Elsa (soon to join)Westdene, GP, RSAFCc 738 NWNiva 1.7iVladimirWhiteNone knownI belieive it is sold
20Rudi BarnardPotchefstroom, Nw, RSAHkj499NWNiva 1.7 SidekickChuckWhite with Silver trim and black roof rack1
21DanieDurban, KZN, RSANU 51073Niva 1.7 OuboetWhite NMR
22Hoodoo - John (RIP)Buckley, North WalesHO 03 DOONiva 1.7s.i.HoodooBluey GreenNone
23UnknownUnknownBR06XPGPNiva 1.7 SidekickNone yetWhiteDZR955FS MCH493GP
24Bill EardleyDeneysville, FS, RSADVG807FSNiva 1600StompieBlueUnknownFiat Gearbox connected to OEM TC
25AriBezuidenhout (Snr)Cape St Francis, EC, RSAFZZ 877 ECNiva 1.7iNone yetWhiteUnknownHole in 5th gear housing, electrical issue
26Oldschool-Juan van HeerdenPretoria, GT, RSAKTV098GPNiva 1.7 SidekickNoneMetalic brown and charcoalUnknown1,8L (107kw) mazda mx5 engine and box 4x4 (In Progress)
27KoosStellenbosch, WP, RSACL47017Niva 1.7i NoneGreenCL47017
28kleynhap (Peter) and MatthewBrakpan, GP, RSALFC408GP
Niva 1.73mMaroonNone Known
29ladanivabelgium 's sonKessel, Belgium1-BWA-183Niva 17i multipoint LPGbaby Nivagreen2003
30Ladanivabelgium and sonKessel, BelgiumnoneNiva SavanneHoboblue1985 cabrio to be restored
31ladanivabelgiumKessel, Belgium1-OAZ-459Niva 1600, 1986beigeoldtimer
32SnakemanMtunzini, Zululand, KZN, RSAND 485971Niva 1.7SvetlanaPurpleNone known
33DeannoJefreys Bay, EC, RSACRZ 737 ECNiva 1600 Savanne (or similiar)Blou BulletjieBlue (soft top)None known
34skallywagMorgans Bay, EC, RSAFRK 849 ECNiva 1.7Gunda GundaBlueNone known
35strandloperVolksrust, MP, RSACEY 43204Niva 1.7Fiona the TankGreen2
36paulgAlbox, Almeria,SpainV0804 GWNiva Foresta 1.7cfiValerieWhiteNone2 previous owners, 1999, no modifications
37easyVryburg, NW, RSASZL 550 GPNiva 1.7N/AN/AUnknownRegistration will change in the not to distant future
38kevinsMidrand, GT, RSAN/ANiva 1.7N/ARedUnknown
39Ladaniva (Fanus Roodt)Springs, GT, RSAN/A1995 Lada Niva 1600 Modified EngineKalahari FerariRedNoneMultipoint fuel injection, super charged
40Mogamad Barnes(Barnesmo)Schaapkraal, Cape TownN/A1988 Lada Niva Quatro 1600 carberatorLady NivaGun-metalCA 38102customised fuel tank, holds extra 50l of fuel, upgrade on motor still intended. pending sale so papers are still outstanding
43AndrePretoria, GP, RSALTN758GPNIVA 1.7BorisGreenN/AN/A
44Jaco JordaanPotchefstroom, North West, RSAFMT550FS2001 Niva 1.7DomkragN/AN/AN/A
45WesleyWonderboom, Gauteng, RSAMGB838GPNiva 1.7FergieWhiteN/AN/A
46Remcochartwell, gauteng, RSAWJB 570 GPNiva 1.7 (sidekick)SachaWhiteN/AN/A
47AndrePretoria (Earmarked for Botswana), gauteng, RSASXX 205 GPNiva 1.7SavannahWhite (at the moment)N/AN/A
48WesHillcrest, Durban, RSA??Niva 1.7.  (2000)BorisDark greenN/AN/A
49StanleyGordon's Bay (western cape), RSAcey 58222Niva 1.7 1996YuriBeigeN/AN/A

As vehicles are added, I will keep this post up to date and other posts will be deleted to cut down on the noise in this thread.  Allowing this to be the repository of our beloved Lada's details.
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Re: Lada Details
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2014, 07:48:58 am »
All new members you are welcome to add your details and existing members, please update where applicable.

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Re: Lada Details
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2017, 11:20:30 am »

Owners User  Name   Location   Registration   Type   Vehicle Name                                Colour          Previous Registrations   Notes

JHBLadaпоклонник  RANDBURG MMW 452 GP      Niva 1.7i      Sascha (Short for Alexandra) Green          Unknown   

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